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I can't think of any other photographer who has been able to capture every shade of my essence in just two colours. As someone who is in front of his camera quite often, I am always in awe! His work is edgy and yet he has the gentlest and kindest heart! It's always a pleasure and a privilege to work with him.

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In a world of digital imagery, Rafique Sayed is a painter, creating images that outlive & outshine the fast and furious pace of image bombardment. 

You want to stare at his images, they are breathing and have many stories to tell.

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Rafique’s work transcends time and comes as close to art as photography possibly can. He paints with his camera his version of my story and that’s what really sets him apart.

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Rafique Sayed is not merely a photographer he is a fine artiste who breathes life into an image, in a manner that only he can. It’s always a pleasure facing the camera when he is behind it.

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Rafique Sayed is a pure artist. His photography is a masterclass in itself. To be photographed by him is a dream come true!

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Rafique Sayed captures the very soul and essence of a human being, not just in portrait photography but also through landscapes. I remember seeing all of his amazing photoraphs which he has shot travelling the world, and OMG it is breath-taking!

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Rafique is a master of his craft. I consider myself lucky to have shot with him so many times. The best thing about him is the simplicity of his shots without elaborate backgrounds and props. 

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With Rafique, you learn true craftsmanship of photography, from magnificent landscapes to engaging portraits. Rafique uses both natural and studio lights to his advantage. I have worked with him in the realm of fashion photography and he brings out the best without using fancy backdrops and props.

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Rafique is a photography genius. I have shot with him quite a few times and words can't explain how brilliant he is. The depth and the emotions he captures with his camera, I don't think anyone can do it.

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Shooting with Rafique is very different, he is more about black and whites, closeups. It is more about talking through the eyes.  I have never shot such pictures with anyone before. Shooting with him, you have to go with a different vision. It is amazing shooting with him! 

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Working with Rafique, has for me always been an uplifting, enlightening and aesthetically pleasurable experience. A master craftsman! He has always made my work look beautiful!

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The way Rafique has shot me, no other photographer has. Every picture is a portrait that speaks for itself. I still remember the first day of shooting with him and I haven't looked back in my career. Rafique, thank you for all the beautiful memories and pictures you have given me!

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The way Rafique encapsulates everything in one image is inspiring and breathtaking! All of his images have liberation. The freedom that he gives to his subjects, the way he shows them in a different light is beautiful. I am very grateful to be working with him.

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